Whether you are a member of a network, or new to the industry, the benefits of direct authorisation are vast. However, the application process with the FCA can be overwhelming and daunting, so it’s no wonder so many businesses join a network. But, with our help, it’s easier than you think…

At Complete Compliance we can help you become directly authorised. You may have considered this in the past but been put off by the onerous paperwork and form filling involved. We have experience in building FCA application packs for financial adviser firms, mortgage brokers, sole traders and larger organisations.

This will be a start to finish process for you, not only will we complete the forms, we will also assist in the completion of all the additional documentation that is required by the FCA. For example – Business Continuity Plans, Forecasting, PI Quotes and Client Service Agreements.

Why not give us a call or contact us via the website to discuss this opportunity. The cost savings could be significant for you!

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